About Company

About Company

IPB Group is a comprehensive technical support for projects throughout the Russian Federation.

We design, sell, rent awning structures, tents, stage complexes, mobile fences, professional stage, sound and light equipment.

We provide:

Tents and Awningstructures for events. You can use constructs at any time of the year.

Stage structures for large-scale street events.

Fan barriers and fences.

Audio equipment. Lighting equipment. A wide range of professional equipment from well-known manufacturers. Kits for events of any scale are available.

Video equipment. TVs, panels, screens and projectors.

Furniture. Wide range of furniture - furniture headsets, sofas, chairs, tables, etc.

Generators. Availability of electricity at any location.

Climate systems. Different climate systems will allow the event to be held at any time of the year.

If you find it difficult to choose, our consultants will help you.

Fill out the form, our specialist will call you back.

Call the number - 8-800-250-94-97,  +7 (920) 876-66-88.

Mail - info@boxevent.ru


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